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Brogan Walker poses for a portrait during a photo session for The Ultimate Fighter on February 11, 2022 in Las Vegas, Nevada. (Photo by Jeff Bottari/Zuffa LLC)


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Record: 7-2

Birthplace: New Port Beach, California

Fighting out of: Hågtña, Guam

Age: 33

Stat: 1 win by KO

Welcome to the UFC APEX, and congratulations on making it onto the 30th season of The Ultimate Fighter! How does it feel to be here?

Well, so far, everything has still yet to hit me. I have a lot of excitement, translated into restlessness. But, as far as expectations, I’m just trying to keep an open mind. It feels great to be here. I feel I was made for something like this. Everything just kind of aligned and led me to this. Here I am.

How would you describe your fighting style to those who haven’t seen you compete before?

I’m well rounded. Originally, I’m a striker. But I established myself in jiu-jitsu as well. I got my black belt in 2019. I’ve been fighting professionally now since 2014. So, my style has really changed a lot since I began and I’m still making a lot of changes to my style. So, it’s hard to say. You can always see a progression in me from every competition. But my style is definitely switching because I’m back training with my original coach in California. I’ve been training in Guam for the last decade. That’s where I went pro. There’s been a lot of big changes in the last six months. As far as stylistically, I’ve been making a lot of big changes to my game.

What do you think will be the biggest challenge you’ll give your opponents in this tournament?

I’m just a very cerebral fighter. I’m going to make them show their cards. I’m pretty scientific in there. So, I think that’s probably the biggest thing that is going to give my opponents, my competition, a hard time. Like I said, I kind of force them to show their cards and I’m pretty good at forcing a reaction. Because a lot of my competitors see black belt, they kind of get nervous when they see the shot coming and things like that. Yeah, I got a lot of good stuff in my back pocket.

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You’ve competed against many UFC veterans, and even hold a win over UFC flyweight Miranda Maverick. Do you see that experience giving you an edge over your opponents?

Yeah, not just Maverick, but my whole track record since my pro debut has been nothing but beast. I’ve never taken a fight knowing I can’t win it. I got to thank my coaches for that. They really set me up for success since the beginning of my career. My debut was against someone they called “the female Korean Zombie,” Yoo Jin Jung. She was supposed to beat me. Ever since then I’ve been facing off against the best of the best. I’ve stood with the best strikers. I’ve grappled with the best grapplers. You know, I beat black belts back when I was a wee little blue belt. So, I got a lot of confidence anywhere the fights take me.

Is there a coach that you believe better suits your style?

Personally, no. But in speaking with my coach back home, he thinks that I would match up a lot better with Julianna and her coaches.

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Why do you believe you’ll be the one to win the 30th season of The Ultimate Fighter?

Because I am the Ultimate Fighter [laughs].