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The new UFC Official Fight Glove 3EIGHT/5EIGHT


Athletes to Debut New Gloves in Competition at UFC 302 on June 1

UFC, the world’s premier mixed martial arts organization, today announced a groundbreaking redesign of the iconic UFC Official Fight Glove that offers athletes enhanced protection, improved fit, greater comfort, and maximum flexibility.

The new UFC Official Fight Glove, available in the 3EIGHT and 5EIGHT series, was designed with product developers using athlete and coach feedback, scientific data, and engineering principles to improve the fit, function, and technology of the glove.  Other than color and graphics, the 3EIGHT and 5EIGHT gloves are identical in design and production and will be used by athletes in competition based on three-round or five-round bouts.

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The new glove was designed and engineered by VICIS RDI, the same team that develops products for VICIS, SCHUTT and TUCCI brands, and a leading sports equipment manufacturer whose mission is to minimize the impact of sports-related head injuries.  The new glove contains VICIS RFLX advanced layered foam technology with impact absorbing protection. It is ergonomically crafted to reduce injury and to respect the hand's natural dynamics.

Technical drawing of the new 3EIGHT/5EIGHT glove construction

“We have been working on these gloves over the past few years with the best designers, engineers, and athletes in the world,” said UFC CEO and President Dana White. “This redesign will truly be a game changer for the entire sport of MMA. These gloves will feel lighter, fit fighters’ hands better, prevent injuries, and provide maximum flexibility during the fights. You’ll start to see these in competition this summer.”

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The New UFC Official Fight Glove – Features and Improvements

Construction Features

  • New wristband locking system, better fits to the wrist, removing any space that permits an opponent from grabbing the glove
  • Lack of seams minimize abrasions and cuts; all seams are now on the palm side of the hand just below the fingers
  • Innovative padding makes it easier for fighters to keep their fingers in a natural position and minimize eye pokes
  • Removal of finger binding reduces bulk and minimizes seams that may cause abrasions and cuts
  • Padding added to the sides of the glove at the index and pinky fingers to protect vulnerable bone structure
The new UFC Official Fight Glove 3EIGHT/5EIGHT

Fit and Sizing

  • Glove sizing has been rescaled to better fit the athletes’ hands; slimmer profile removes excess space at the outside of the hand
  • Eliminated male/female sizing, streamlining the number of gloves to 10 unisex sizes, from XXXS – XXXXL, that properly scale with increase in hand size


  • Minimized weight and weight differential based on sizes
  • Glove weighs between 3-4.9 oz (1.9 oz differential)
  • Weight reduced 1-1.5 oz from previous UFC glove


  • Ergonomic curved wristband for better fit around the wrist
  • Scooped/angled finger holes eliminate bunching on the inside of the fisted hand

Material Development

  • Lining, custom printed 2-way stretch, moves with the hand
  • VICIS RFLX stacked foam padding, engineered for maximum flexibility and protection
  • Updated low profile hook and loop, minimizes snagging and reduces weight
The new UFC Official Fight Glove 3EIGHT/5EIGHT


At the core of every UFC Official Fight Glove lies the pinnacle of MMA glove technology—the VICIS RFLX Foam Stack. This cutting-edge protection system is the result of meticulous engineering and relentless testing. Designed with the athlete in mind, it features four robust layers of impact absorbing VICIS RFLX foam, each separated by three PTFE slip-planes that boast an extremely low coefficient of friction, to provide ultimate flexibility and protection.

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This innovative structure serves a dual purpose: to shield the athlete from impact and provide unparalleled freedom of movement. As the hand transitions from an open palm to a closed fist, the slip-planes allow the foam layers to cascade, adapting seamlessly to the contours of a tightening grip, offering protection, flexibility, and fit previously unattained in MMA gloves.

Said Jason Neubauer, Vice President of Product Development at Certor Sports, parent company of VICIS RDI, “When UFC approached the RDI team to help develop the next generation MMA glove, we applied our standard development process-- start with feedback from athletes, use real data and testing to lead our design, and continue the out-of-the-box thinking that has driven award-winning solutions for top performing athletes.” 

The new UFC Official Fight Glove 3EIGHT/5EIGHT


The new UFC Official Fight Glove will be manufactured by Dyaco, UFC’s official combat and fitness equipment supplier.

“Today marks a significant milestone in Dyaco's history, with the unveiling of the UFC 5Eight and 3Eight Official Fight Gloves,” said Allen Ting, Chief Strategy Officer Dyaco International Inc.  “This revolutionary glove design, developed in close collaboration with seasoned UFC fighters and top engineers, is a testament to our unwavering commitment to excellence and pushing the boundaries of what's possible in the world of combat sports.  As these innovative gloves make their debut in the Octagon, we are thrilled to bring a new level of protection and performance to fighters. It's an honor to contribute our expertise and passion for sports and fitness to this groundbreaking moment in UFC history.”

The new UFC Official Fight Glove 3EIGHT/5EIGHT


As an additional first-time innovation for UFC gloves, the 3EIGHT and 5EIGHT series will be embedded with NFC chips that utilize technology on the VeChainThor blockchain powered by VeChain, UFC’s official blockchain partner.  Fans who purchase the gloves as memorabilia will be able to scan the chips via the official UFC website to view and verify the authenticity of the gloves and any history that is associated with them. Vechain’s proprietary NFC chip technology authenticates the gloves, and if fight worn, the athlete that used them and the bouts they were used in.

“This integration is a watershed moment in not only VeChain’s partnership with UFC but also in redesigning the blueprint for community engagement,” said Sunny Lu, CEO of VeChain. “This application showcases to a global audience the tangible, real-world benefits of our technology, further bridging two brands with their loyal and growing communities. The digital certificate minted on the VechainThor blockchain linked with the glove’s NFC chip will be in the form of a token securely stored, ensuring it is unique, verifiable, and authentic - opening up a world of verified fan memorabilia to relive cherished memories.”

Athletes are expected to debut the new UFC Official Fight Gloves in competition at UFC® 302 on Saturday, June 1 at Prudential Center in Newark, N.J.

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