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Phil Rowe poses for a portrait after his victory during the UFC Fight Night event at Amway Center on December 03, 2022 in Orlando, Florida. (Photo by Mike Roach/Zuffa LLC)

UFC Welterweight Phil Rowe Focuses On His Dedication To Youth And Education Outside Of The Octagon

See What Phil Rowe Is Doing To Better His Community.

In a world where athletes are often seen as larger-than-life figures, UFC welterweight Phil Rowe's dedication to the community reminds us that true greatness lies in the ability to lift others and create lasting change.

Rowe's response is simple yet powerful when asked about his motivation for giving back. "In life, you want to be a good person; you want to do well for others; you want to leave something behind. It’s not about yourself," he said. "You always want to inspire people, motivate people, and you always want to lend a helping hand."

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Having experienced firsthand the challenges of pursuing his dreams without sufficient support, Rowe understands the importance of having someone to turn to for guidance and mentorship. "No one has got to where they're at by themselves," he emphasized. "And I remember, at times, trying to reach my goals, how hard it was not having help."

His involvement with Diploma Plus High School and collaboration with Wade King, the founder of Get Your Teach On, has allowed Rowe to impact troubled schools across the country significantly. King's dedication to empowering educators and providing quality education aligns perfectly with Rowe's mission.

UFC welterweight Phil Rowe gives back to the community.
UFC welterweight Phil Rowe gives back to the community.

When discussing his relationship with Wade King, Rowe describes him as an exceptional human being and a selfless individual who inspires him to be a better person. Rowe's connection with these kids deepens through King's network and platform. As someone who shares their background, he can relate to their experiences and serve as a source of inspiration.

"Representation is everything," Rowe explained. "When you have a guy who looks like them, who’s from where they're from, who speaks like them, it's a lot easier to break through to them."

Together, they strive to help children navigate the school system’s challenges and create a brighter future for themselves.

Rowe's philanthropic efforts go beyond the realm of education. Influenced by his mother, who continues to serve the community while battling cancer, Rowe seeks opportunities to give back wherever he can. From organizing free haircuts for students returning to school, organizing annual shoe drives, and purchasing and distributing meals to the less fortunate, he embodies the spirit of compassion and selflessness.

UFC welterweight Phil Rowe shoe drive.

Later this year, Rowe will be organizing his annual Shoe Drive, along with the help of Get Your Teach On. Collection spots will be in the country’s largest cities, including Los Angeles, Atlanta, and Orlando.

As Phil Rowe continues to make strides in his UFC career, he remains persistent in his commitment to uplifting others and leaving a positive impact on society. Through his actions, he not only demonstrates the power of kindness and generosity but also serves as an inspiration for all to follow both inside and outside the Octagon.