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UFC 229: Khabib vs McGregor Final Results


Who were the winners at UFC 229: Khabib vs McGregor? Click below to get the results for all the fights at T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, NV on Saturday, October 6th, 2018.

Khabib vs McGregor | Ferguson vs Pettis | vs Saint Preux vs Reyes | Lewis vs Volkov | Waterson vs Herrig | Pettis vs Formiga | Luque vs Turner | Ladd vs Evinger | Holtzman vs Patrick | Lansberg vs Kunitskaya | Maynard vs Lentz | LaFlare vs Martin
UFC 229: Khabib vs McGregor main card

Action starts at 10 pm ET

Main event: Khabib Nurmagomedov vs Conor McGregor

Khabib gets another takedown! #UFC229

— UFC (@ufc) October 7, 2018

It is all settled right here! Conor starts off fast but Khabib is able, after much difficulty, to secure the takedown and push Conor up against the fence. Khabib traps both of Conor’s legs but after a couple of minutes in the position he still hasn’t dealt any damage to Conor. Khabib has moved into side control but still isn’t really able to do any real damage to Conor and the round ends just like that.

Conor attempts a flying shot but misses and then out of nowhere it is Khabib who drops Conor with a huge shot! Conor pops right back up and hits Khabib right back but Khabib gets ahold of Conor, puts him in the air and slams him to the floor. Then Khabib executes his trademark ground and pound. Hitting him with relentless shots from the top. Just massive blows and Conor is pinned up against the cage getting demolished by Khabib. And after everything, Conor is somehow able to get back to his feet and the crowd loves it. The round ends and Conor says some words to Khabib and smiles.

Conor starts round three pressing forward, hitting Khabib with two good shots. The crowd is loving it. Conor lands a nice left hook and he’s the one pressuring Khabib now. His jab is finding its mark. Khabib shoots but Conor stuffs it. The two briefly clinch and when they break Khabib clocks Conor with a shot that makes him wince. The two momentarily are on the cage the Conor hits Khabib with a left hook and an uppercut. The two are standing in the cage going blow for blow now! Wow. Conor stuffs another takedown and they two keep throwing blows. Khabib is able to take Conor down for a brief second but Conor stands back up. The round ends with Conor getting some momentum, but still against the wall because of the grappling of Khabib.

Conor starts the fourth round off with a nice left cross, Khabib returns fire with a right hook of his own. Strong shoot followed by a trip for Khabib gets both fighters to their knees, before Conor attempts to stand-up. But Khabib is right there on his back pulling him to the ground. Khabib briefly gets Conor’s back but he rolls away and Khabib ends up in a full mount. Khabib sprinkles in some ground and pound before getting Conor’s back and forcing him to tap with a rear naked choke. WOW. It’s done.

Official result: Nurmagomedov defeated McGregor by submission via rear naked choke 3:04, fourth round.

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Co-main: Tony Ferguson vs Anthony Pettis

Ferguson brought to tears after earning the win. What a moment. #UFC229

— UFC (@ufc) October 7, 2018

The co-main is here! Pettis with two leg kicks right away. Ferguson matches right back with his own kicks. Ferguson with some good strikes. He is finding success with his pressure and movement. Ferguson has connected with both hands almost at will. Can’t help but notice the smile on Ferguson’s face as he moves forward. Ferguson hits Pettis with an uppercut followed by a right cross. Ferguson almost hits Pettis with a spinning back fist but Pettis moves away. Pettis attempts a cartwheel kick but just misses. This is so fun to watch! The fighters are talking to each other now and smiling. Then Tony hits Pettis with a superman punch and follows it up with a couple punches just as the bell rings. That might be the most entertaining round of the night right there!

Pettis clocks Ferguson with two massive shots and he is running for safety using rolls and all sorts of tricks. The two fighters end up on the ground with blood coming from everywhere, Pettis on top in Ferguson’s guard. Wow Pettis absolutely crushed Ferguson with both those punches. Pettis takes a moment to stand-up and show his tongue to the crowd and they love it! After the two fighters get up the check on Pettis’ cut and the crowd is loving it just as much as the fighters. Pettis with a straight right and Ferguson is back putting on the pressure. Pettis is backed up against the fence and Ferguson is laying it on, blow after blow but Pettis isn’t going away he is standing there and exchanging. The cuts from Pettis are pouring blood covering his entire face. Ferguson’s pressure is playing a huge factor but Pettis has absorbed so much damage it’s almost like nothing will stop him. An absolute flurry of shots from Ferguson to end the round but Pettis isn’t going down!

Wow the doctors had to call it a fight because of Pettis’ cuts. What a sad end to one of the best fights I have ever seen. Incredible.

Official result: Fergunson defeated Pettis due to Pettis’ corner throwing in the towel, round 2.

Tony Ferguson : “I had fun in there! I wasn’t going to let anyone take this moment away from me. I am the champion. I want McGregor, if Khabib doesn’t finish him tonight, then I’m going to be the one who does it. I’m happy to be back. Thank you to the fans for being amazing tonight!”

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Ovince Saint Preux vs Dominick Reyes

Dom Reyes!!#UFC229 @DomReyes

— UFC (@ufc) October 7, 2018

Reyes with a strong start clipping OSP early. OSP is focused on taking Reyes down but The Devastator is laying it on in round one. He has hit OSP with massive hooks, crosses, elbows and kicks. He has dazed and wobbled OSP with his constant pressure. Reyes clips OSP right near the end of the round with a high left kick. Great round for Reyes.

Reyes starts the second on the outside, with OSP walking him back. OSP shoots for a takedown but Reyes hits him with a body kick, avoids the canvas and flips OSP so that he is facing the fence. Great grappling from Reyes. Left hook for OSP as Reyes moved forward but Reyes took it in stride. Reyes much more calculated in this round, still attacking the legs of OSP. A big cut has opened up on the face of OSP but he is still coming forward. This round was much more even, going to be interesting heading into round 3.

Reyes with more pressure here in the last round, still attacking with a variety of kick. OSP with a good head kick and jab two minutes into the round. Good counter striking from both fighters and good defense as well. OSP catches a kick then pushes Reyes forward but he can’t take Reyes to the ground. OSP is finding his rhythm and he is landing shots, but nothing has been super clean. Reyes with a good head kick and in the final seconds Reyes hits OSP with a big left hand from southpaw and it drops OSP for good. But it was literally in the final seconds of the fight and it wasn’t a knockout. Wow that was so close to a knockout.

Official result: Reyes (30-27, x 3) defeated OSP by Unanimous Decision.

Dominick Reyes : “I felt like I had the knockout but, at the end of the day, I’m happy with the win. We went in there and went to war tonight. He was, by far, the toughest guy I’ve faced in my career. He pushed the pace, we were banging with each other. He was a hell of a fight for me but, in the end, I was just too much. My division is mostly old blood, not a lot of young guys, so it feels really good to be the guy in there making noise and moving up the rankings. I’m going to go home, talk to my team, talk to the UFC, and figure out what’s next. I feel very honored to be in this position and I’m going to keep climbing to the top.”

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Derrick Lewis vs Alexander Volkov

UNBELIEVABLE!@TheBeast_UFC leaves the crowd in SHOCK! #UFC229

— UFC (@ufc) October 7, 2018

Big boys are up! Lewis with the massive head kick attempt but misses. Volkov strikes first landing massive blows to Lewis and hurting the beast but Lewis isn’t going away. He survives two onslaughts in a row from Drago. Volkov pressing forward then Lewis shoots for a takedown but Volkov doesn’t let it happen. Lewis gets right up and the two engage in the clinch, with Lewis landing his first big shot of the fight. Then Volkov slams him to the ground in side control. Volkov works his way to Lewis’ back with less than a minute to go but Lewis turns it around on Volkov and lands some heavy shots. Drago and the Black Beast are going for it. What a round.

Volkov strikes first again landing huge shot after huge shot on Lewis but Lewis doesn’t go down. Insane. Volkov walking Lewis down tagging him with a nice one-two. Lewis fires back with a one-two of his own. Volkov working his jab a bit, Lewis with a leg kick. Lewis connects with a jab of his own, then a left hook. Lewis hits Volkov with a cross but Volkov returns with a kick. Then after Lewis knocks the mouth piece out of Volkov’s mouth, the two have a weird little exchange that ends the round with them each standing there with Herb Dean.

The two heavyweights give each other a high five to start the final round. Lewis shoots for a takedown but Volkov pushes him back and then lets him stand-up. Good movement from Volkov to avoid the massive power punches of Lewis. Volkov attacks and Lewis covers up. Volkov hitting Lewis with kick after kick, Lewis waiting for his moment to explode. Lewis connect on a punch and starts chasing Volkov but Volkov gets away and recovers. With less than 40 seconds to go Lewis hits Volkov with a big hook but Volkov wears it well. Lewis has to go now and he knows it and then he does the unthinkable! He absolutely crushes Volkov in emphatic fashion with almost no time left in the fight! It was a giant left cross over the top that did it. Then he followed it up with six rights on the ground to end it. INCREDIBLE.

Official result: Lewis defeated Volkov by KO, 4:45 round three.

Derrick Lewis : “I knew that I was down on the scorecards going into the third and I had to just go out swinging and pray to Jesus that I landed something. My coaches really helped me and kept me focused throughout the fight. He’s a very tough guy and I knew it would be hard to put him away but I was going to give it my all and it all worked out in the end.”

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Michelle Waterson vs Felice Herrig

Front kick lands AGAIN! #UFC229 @KarateHottieMMA

— UFC (@ufc) October 7, 2018

Waterson right out of the gate with a good kick to the head. Herrig putting on the pressure pushing Waterson around the outside of the Octagon. Waterson has hit that kick to the front of Herrig’s face a couple times already and Herrig’s face is red to show it. Waterson with a good leg poke but Herrig is still chasing her. Herrig eventually caught up with Waterson, put her in the clinch and the two battled for position for the remainder of the round.

Herrig with some good work on in the clinch here in the second. Waterson with a massive head kick after the two break in the clinch then she flings Herrig to the canvas into side mount. Waterson drops in a couple good elbows and punches. The round ends with Waterson helping Herrig off the ground.

Waterson lands that face kick again but Herrig shakes it off. Waterson goes for a takedown but it’s flipped on her and Herrig ends up on top. On the bottom Waterson connects with some massive elbows to the face of Herrig. Waterson being very active from the bottom. The two figthers stand-up and re-engage in the clinch on the outside of the Octagon. Herrig with a couple good punches but Waterson keeps moving. Waterson connects on another big head kick! Wow how is Herrig still standing after what feels like the fifth clean head kick. The fight ends with Herrig throwing punches. Good contest.

Official result: Waterson (30-26, 29-28, 30-27) defeated Herrig by Unanimous Decision.

Michelle Waterson : “I’m so happy with my performance tonight. I worked really hard and wanted to make sure I delivered in my performance tonight. I feel like I get overlooked… Maybe it’s because of my size, or my nickname, I don’t know, but my goal is to get that title shot so I came in to prove that and get myself closer to that point. I take pride in my grappling and my husband, who is 180lbs, was my main training partner this camp so I knew that if he couldn’t buck me off, Felice wouldn’t be able to do that either. I don’t care who my next opponent is so we will figure that out with the UFC but I want to be fighting someone ranked above me. Whatever it takes to get closer to the title.”

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UFC 229: Khabib vs McGregor FS1 prelims

Action starts at 8 pm ET

Sergio Pettis vs Jussier Formiga

Formiga gets the back early in the 3rd round!#UFC229

— UFC (@ufc) October 7, 2018

The first Pettis brother is up. He looks very calm and so does Formiga. Both fighters feeling each other out in the opening minutes with each landing a couple strikes. Pettis moving forward as Formiga circles the outside of the Octagon. Pettis has connected on a couple good kicks at the mid-way point of the round, with redness always showing on the ribs of Formiga. The fight hit the canvas after Formiga successfully took down Pettis but he was unable to do any damage from the position as the round came to an end.

The two fighters start off slow but pick-up after Pettis stuffs a takedown attempt from Formiga. Pettis nearly connected with a head kick but Formiga followed that up with a single leg turned into a slam. Formiga spent the remainder of the round attempting to ground and pound but Pettis did a good job of avoiding any punishment and allowing Formiga to pass his guard. The round ends after Pettis gets to his feet.

Pettis lands a couple good strikes to start the last round but Formiga grabs one of his legs and the two flyweights clinch before a scramble ends with Formiga in the air on the back of Pettis. The fight ends just like that with Formiga on Pettis like a backpack for four straight minutes.

Official result: Formiga (30-26, 29-28, 29-28) defeated Pettis by Unanimous Decision.

Jussier Formiga : “I am very happy to have the win but, of course, that comes with some frustrations. I took my time to figure him out in the first round and then my corner started to give me the advice I needed to take control. Once I started landing the takedown, I knew I had what it took to win the second and third rounds. I had very dominant position in the third and was a bit frustrated when I could not find the finish, but that is all part of a fight. You have to work through those things and find ways to win. Now, there is nothing left between me and a fight with Henry Cejudo for the title. I just beat the #2 guy in the division. There is no one left other than the champion. I want to fight for the title next.”

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Vicente Luque vs Jalin Turner

That. Is. It!@VicenteLuqueMMA finishes Turner in round 1 w/ some nasty GnP! #UFC229

— UFC (@ufc) October 7, 2018

The welterweights come out looking explosive and patient, both landed some good strikes early with Luque utilizing a lower leg kick to the lead leg of Turner. Lugue is finding some success with his left hand as where Turner is using his length to his advantage clipping Luque then moving away. Turner also has displayed a variety of kicks early on. Out of almost no where Luque takes Turner out with a big right hand after Turner attempted a spinning back fist. Luque followed the uppercut up by landing five clean, furious and devastating left hooks. That is three in a row for Luque.

Official result: Luque defeated Turner by TKO 3:52, first round.

Vicente Luque : “I feel great! I wanted, more than anything, to fight on UFC 229. That’s why I took a fight like this on two weeks’ notice. I watched [Turner] fight on the Contender Series and I know he’s a tough guy. He’s a 155’er but he hits hard and busted me up a little bit but I knew I could go in and get the job done because I feel like I am the best. I don’t care about what the rankings say, I feel like I’m a Top 15 guy and I want to fight someone with a number next to their name next. I thrive in big moments. I’m the kind of fighter that will go out there and leave it all on the line, whether I win or lose. I’m here to prove that I am what I say and I believe I’ll be fighting for that belt soon.”

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Aspen Ladd vs Tonya Evinger

Aspen Ladd = B E A S T!@AspenLaddMMA finishes Evinger in the first round! #UFC229

— UFC (@ufc) October 7, 2018

Both bantamweights come out of the gates throwing heat. After a long battle in the clinch, Ladd is able to get Evinger to the ground and take her back. From that position Ladd unleashed a flurry of strikes that had Evinger in big trouble. The two fighters jockeyed for position until Ladd flattened Evinger out and started pouring on strike after strike until the referee had no choice but to end the fight. Wow.

Official result: Ladd defeated Evinger by TKO 3:26, first round.

Aspen Ladd : “I think everything went according to plan. I felt very comfortable out there. I was comfy on my feet with her and, when we went to the ground, I took control and finished just like I wanted to. I know that Yana [Kunitskaya] is interested in fighting and, if that’s what UFC wants, that’s what I will do but I prefer to match up with someone higher in the rankings. I think a fight with Bethe Correia or Cat Zingano would be the best next step for me.”

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Scott Holtzman vs Alan Patrick

Right hand from Holtzman drops Patrick in the 3rd! #UFC229

— UFC (@ufc) October 7, 2018

Holtzman’s first punch is a big left hook that finds its mark and makes the crowd go “oooooh” but Patrick is still good to go. Both lightweights are throwing out here swinging as Patrick connects with a hook of his own. Holtzman is bringing that heat with every punch, you just get the feeling that if any of these shots connect it could be over. Both fighters land good kicks and some blood is trickling from the left eyebrow of Holtzman. Patrick presses forward but at that exact moment Holtzman hits Patrick with a leg kick that sends him to the ground with Holtzman on top. Good ground and pound from Holtzman as Patrick shows his athleticism with a upkick that nearly connects from the ground as the round ends.

Patrick strikes first in the second but Holtzman gets a good shot of his own in there. Very entertaining fight so far, as Patrick goes for a takedown but Holtzman slips away. Both fighters have been aggressive and have pushed the pace. On the outside of the Octagon Holtzman is able to get ahold of Patrick and take him down and use his ground and pound game to do some damage with big elbows. Patrick just misses with a huge hook. Man these guys are throwing hands. The round ends after a scramble for clinch position.

Before the clock starts Holtzman calls out to Patrick asking to make this fight end with a finish. Gotta love that. On the feet both fighters are finding success until it is Holtzman that lands the big shot putting Patrick on his back. After multiple shots from above Holtzman works into full mount and continues to bring down massive elbows and shots. Just absolutely devastating elbows that end the fight. Insane.

Official result: Holtzman defeated Patrick by KO 3:42, third round.

Scott Holtzman : “This was a really hard few weeks for me. I have a newborn baby at home and I had to leave my wife and baby for six weeks to do the camp for this fight. I’m so full of emotions but I’m on top of the world right now. There’s added pressure to be on a card like this but there was already so much pressure on my shoulders due to being away from my family. Next, I want a Top 15 opponent. I’ve established myself in this division and I want to take the next step. First things first though, I’m going home to give my baby a kiss!”

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UFC 229: Khabib vs McGregor FIGHT PASS prelims

FIGHT PASS customers: Watch the prelims right here! | Don’t have FIGHT PASS? Sign up here

Lina Lansberg vs Yana Kunitskaya

For the winner, by Unanimous Decision@YanaKunitskaya1 #UFC229

— UFC (@ufc) October 6, 2018

Right away Lansberg looking very aggressive. The two bantamweight clinch in the center of the Octagon briefly before Kunitskaya uses a leg trip to slam Lansberg to the canvas. Kunitskaya worked some ground and pound but Lansberg was able to make her way to her feet only to have Kunitskaya put her back down on the ground. Kunitskaya landed in side control after the take and used her length to pin Lansberg down as she dropped punches and elbows down to the head and body as the round ended.

Two good front kicks from Kunitskaya to start the second. She also throws a couple body kicks as well. She is definitely being the aggressor here in the second, pushing Lansberg back to the cage and clinching. Lansberg had her best moment of the fight at about the 2:20 mark, catching Kunitskaya with a straight cross that got Kunitskaya’s attention, as well as the crowds. Kunitskaya shook it off and went back to the clinch, utilizing her knees to the body to do damage as both fighters end the round engaged against the fence.

Lansberg with a couple nice punches to start the final frame, including a good overhand right. Kunitskaya goes back to her game plan and pushes Lansberg up against to the fence so she can dictate the pace and keep Lansberg from striking. Kunitskaya takes down Lansberg from the clinch but once again Lansberg gets back up. The urgency picked up in the last minute of the fight as Lansberg has started swinging for it all. But Kunitskaya is able to catch her off balance and secure a take down in the final seconds of the round.

Official result: Kunitskaya (30-27 x 3) defeated Lansberg by Unanimous Decision.

Yana Kunitskaya : “I am not happy with my performance but, of course, I am happy to have a dominant victory. My biggest problem thus far in my UFC career has been mental and I am working to build my confidence as I fight more. I want to finish fights, that is my number one goal. After the performance tonight, I hope that the UFC will turn me around quickly for another fight. I would like to fight again in the next few months. My target is to face the winner of Aspen Ladd and Tonya Evinger, so I will be watching their fight closely tonight. I think they are both tough girls and I would love to put on a show with one of them.”

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Gray Maynard vs Nik Lentz

2️ fights, 2️ head kick finishes!@NikLentz gets it done on @UFCFightPass! #UFC229

— UFC (@ufc) October 6, 2018

Some nice punches from Lentz early. His striking looked to be timed up perfectly right off the bat. It was a combination of a big cross followed by a nice right hook that stumbled Maynard. The punch hurt Gray but after backing up to the cage Lentz applied some more pressure and big shots. And after a sometime clinched up combined with ground and pound, Maynard is bloodied up. Lentz immediately hurts Maynard with yet another massive right hook. Maynard covers up as Lentz pours it on but yet again Maynard survives. Lentz switches it up and goes for a guillotine but Maynard slips out with Lentz on top laying down a mixture of heavy straight punches and elbows. With less than 40 seconds to go Lentz started landing a flurry of shots as Maynard does his best to avoid damage, he is finally able to get to his feet and ends the round looking very tired from all those blows. All Lentz in that one.

Lentz patient to start the second, but Maynard is aggressive. Connecting on a big shot of his own that momentarily stunned Lentz but Lentz fired back immediately catching Maynard and stunning him. Both lightweights starting swinging for the fences when out of no where Lentz cracked Maynard with a huge head kick that sent Maynard flying in the air. And that is all she wrote on that one. Lentz jumped on top and finished the fight with a couple punches.

Official result: Lentz defeated Maynard by TKO at 1:19, Round 2.

Nik Lentz : “I feel amazing. I don’t know what to attribute it to but something has changed inside of me. After I had my second kid, I just felt a change over me. I’m not the same person or fighter that I used to be and I hope everyone took notice of that tonight. I specifically asked to be on this card to knock someone out. They decided to give me a real challenge to complete that task in Gray Maynard and I’m glad that they did. Gray is one of the toughest guys to ever fight in the UFC and I think that beating him is a statement for any fighter. I’ve been in the UFC a long time now and I’ve changed a lot since I was 25-year-old Nik. I didn’t have the confidence, I didn’t have the skills, I wasn’t good enough. I’ve been on long win streaks and lost. Through that, I realized that it’s not just about winning. It’s about putting on a show. It’s about entertaining the fans. Now, with a win like that, I feel confident in saying that I’m the best in the world… No matter who my next opponent.”

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Ryan LaFlare vs Tony Martin

F L U S H@TMartinMMA #UFC229

— UFC (@ufc) October 6, 2018

A quick touch of the gloves and we are off! LaFlare very active to start, using his kicks to the leg and to the body effectively. Martin lands a nice cross and then he uses a kick of his own to trip LaFlare as the two exchange. After a brief clinch Martin continued using his movement and counter striking. LaFlare lands back to back big kicks to Martin’s ride side that sent Martin backing up. La Flare looks to be focusing hard on body damage. In the final 45 seconds of the round both fighters starting swinging, with LaFlare connecting on another good body kick.

LaFlare goes in for another one of his big kicks and Martin catches him with a massive cross that drops LaFlare to his back. Martin pounces with heavy shots from the top but LaFlare survives that initial onslaught. After working his ground game for a bit, Martin is able to take LaFlare’s back on the outside of the Octagon but LaFlare slips away and gets back into guard. Martin puts himself into position to attempt another submission but LaFlare escapes and gets right back to his feet for the final minute of the round.

Martin has figured out LaFlare timing and his punches are finding their target. LaFlare absorbs a shot but hits Martin with a leg kick that forces the welterweight to fall but get right back up. Then Martin throws a head kick of his own and hits LaFlare perfectly. Then he jumps on top and lands some hammer fists and that was all she wrote. Wow what a performance from Martin.

Official result: Martin defeated LaFlare by TKO at 1:00, Round 3.

Tony Martin : “That was a beautiful performance if you ask me. Ryan Laflare is a tough guy, one of the biggest welterweights, size-wise, and no one has fought him like I just did. I controlled the ground game, the striking exchanges and I worked really hard on my Muay Thai coming in here tonight. People think of me as a grappler and I rarely threw kicks in my previous fights but my striking is deadly and I’m glad I got to show that tonight. This is the perfect start to my career at welterweight and I want to keep that moving. I want the winner of Cowboy Cerrone vs. Mike Perry. Both of those guys like to stand and trade and that’s intriguing to me. Like I said, people think I’m a grappler but my right hand will hurt you. I’m 29 years old and this is my time to make a run to the top of this division.”

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