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Statement On Walt Harris

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Combat Sports Anti-Doping (CSAD) announced today that Walt Harris, of Pelham, Alabama, has accepted a 48-month sanction for two separate violations of the UFC Anti-Doping Policy.

Harris first tested positive for drostanalone, its metabolite 3a-hydroxy-2a-methyl-5a-androstan-17-on, and testosterone of exogenous origin in samples collected on June 24, 2023 and July 12, 2023.  Harris was notified of the first adverse finding on July 11, 2023. 

Subsequently, and after he was notified of the June 23, 2023 adverse finding, Harris provided urine and blood samples on August 6, 2023.  His urine sample was positive for the presence of anastrozole, a new prohibited substance that was not present in any of the previous samples, as well as drostanolone and its metabolite.  His blood sample tested positive for the presence of exogenous testosterone, which based on its values, was determined as new administration since the notification of his first adverse finding on July 11, 2023.  Drostanolone and testosterone are anabolic steroids and prohibited at all times under the UFC Anti-Doping Policy (UFC ADP) and UFC Prohibited List.  Anastrozole is an aromatase inhibitor, also prohibited at all times, under the UFC ADP and UFC Prohibited List.

Harris’ 48-month period of ineligibility began on July 11th, 2023, the date he was notified of his provisional suspension as a result of his first positive test result.  The Nevada Athletic Commission (NAC) previously announced a 1-year suspension and fine resulting from these test results as Harris was scheduled to compete in Nevada on July 15, 2023. 

CSAD independently administers the year-round anti-doping program for all UFC athletes.  All biological sample collections and shipping under the UFC ADP are conducted by Drug Free Sport International (DFSI), the global leader in the anti-doping industry with more than 5,000 collection personnel worldwide.  All samples are tested and analyzed at the WADA-accredited Sports Medicine Research and Testing Laboratory (SMRTL) in Salt Lake City, Utah, USA.

All information concerning the UFC ADP, including all of its written policies and athlete test statistics can be located at  These policies are available in multiple languages, including Russian, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Korean, Japanese and Chinese. CSAD also makes available a reporting mechanism for known and suspected abuse of performance-enhancing drugs in UFC at the email address