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“Spoon-Fed Wrestlers” - Wrestlers React - Part 2 | UFC FIGHT PASS

NCAA Wrestlers React To Vic Gonzalez Calling Out 3x All-American Nick Piccininni’s Work Ethic Ahead Of Their Fury FC 83 Bout

Richie Lewis – Rutgers: Damn straight. Spoon-fed because it’s earned. Nick was winning on the highest level his entire life with no compensation in amateur wrestling. It appears to be handed to us high-level wrestlers because we burst on the scene and take up the spots they thought were theirs. We provide a much safer investment for promotions, so I say, eat ‘em up, Nicky. With a silver spoon.

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Trent Hidlay – North Carolina State: I think you are seeing wrestlers have a high level of success right off the bat when they start their MMA careers. It doesn’t necessarily surprise me that people outside of wrestling would get annoyed that fighters like Piccininni are getting attention and opportunities. Obviously, MMA is much more than just wrestling, but for guys that aren’t used to wrestling elite guys like Nick, it would be an eye opening experience.

Bo Bassett – Bishop McCort High School: Wrestlers are far from spoon-fed. Just look at the results. High-level wrestlers are taking over the UFC and becoming the future of the sport. They transition easily and the results are starting to show. The question is, is NCAA wrestling a feeder for UFC champions? I think we will see a ton more dominant wrestlers in the UFC.

Cam Amine – Michigan: “Spoon-fed wrestlers” is literally an oxymoron considering that wrestling is the most blue-collar sport out there. Nick is going to show this guy what wrestlers can do. Wrestlers literally run the UFC. Look how many wrestlers and fighters with a wrestling background own titles in the past and present. Numbers don’t lie.

Ethan Lizak – Minnesota: I don’t really think that’s a thing, to be honest. In college, we go through a lot of tough training in the room everyday while managing our weight on top of that. A lot of times, you’re getting down to weight every weekend, sometimes twice in a weekend, with only an hour to recover after weigh-ins, so you’re not competing at your best and gotta find a way to get it done. Bottom line, it’s a tough job, and I think that shows the type of fighter Piccininni is and that he can handle it when things get tough.

Ryan Deakin – Northwestern: I think the amount of wrestlers who thrive in the UFC makes the case already. Wrestlers have been dominating MMA.

Chase Saldate – Michigan State: I think that’s an awful take. There’s nothing spoon-fed about it. It’s a fact that most wrestlers transition the easiest out of every other martial art. It’s not the wrestlers getting spoon-fed and pushed to the front if they are dominating their fights early in their career. Their pure domination within their fights early in their career is why they get opportunities so fast. In my opinion, it’s because they prove that they are a main dude early on and are levels above most at that stage of their career, so they are able to climb the ladder faster. All in all, they are there because they are capable of beating the top fighters and have proven they are above or equal to the fighters at the top in that organization.

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