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One Final Homecoming For David Carr | UFC FIGHT PASS

“The House That Carr Built” Gets One More Chance To Cheer Their Heart Out For One Of The Most Genuinely Beloved Wrestlers In NCAA History When David Carr Leads Iowa State Into His Former High School To Kick Off The 2023-2024 Wrestling Season

What started as a fun way for Iowa State Head Coach Kevin Dresser to pay homage to his former high school has become one of the greatest sendoffs in NCAA history.

Three years ago Iowa State wrestling announced an event with Coach Dresser’s old high school that would go on to become the fan favorite annual Humbold Dual. In one of the trips to northwest Iowa 157-pound National Champion, David Carr, joked with Dresser that his career isn’t complete until the team makes a trip to the high school his dad coached him to one of the most impressive high school careers in Ohio history.

Carr may have made the statement in jest but Dresser quietly began plotting out the gesture for his star wrestler.

“I remember we had a dual at Pitt and people were driving super far just to come watch me wrestle over there and I was like, ‘hey Dresser, we’re going to have to do this. We’re going to have to get a dual in Ohio,’” Carr recalled. “He was all for it, and he was like, ‘yeah, I actually was thinking about trying to contact the AD at Perry and seeing what we can do.’” And everything fit perfectly, that’s going to be our first dual.”

In addition to being one of the greatest wrestlers in one of the most star-studded programs in NCAA wrestling, Carr has the character, personality and leadership that any coach would want to reward. A fancy dinner, a graduation present, a letter of recommendation are the kinds of easy gestures coaches may think of to thank a wrestler for showing everybody in the room day in and day out what a student-athlete should look like. The intangible value to the program that Carr has brought to Iowa State through the years made the legwork and the sacrifice of a home dual on the schedule a no brainer.

Dresser was going to give Carr the closest thing to a National Title memory. He was going to finally take him back to Perry Massillon High School to give Carr and the fans in the Perry township something they thought they had already gotten years ago.

A final hometown farewell to their favorite Cyclone.

“I think it’s going to be a great turnout,” Carr said. “We’ve been promoting it well. I’m just super excited to see because we do an event at Humboldt High School, which is kind of a similar feel. It’s packed out, it feels like the crowd is on top of you. It’s so loud in there; it’s a high school gym so I think in Ohio, Ohio wrestling is just passionate. I think it’s going to be a great event and I love that the UFC Fight Pass is opening up and doing it. That’s phenomenal, it’s good for the sport of wrestling and I love that they’re doing that.”

To jerk the tears even more, it isn’t just a farewell for David. His father, Nate, who also won a National Championship for Iowa State and more importantly coached him throughout his high school career in the very gym they’re taking over on November 5 will be sitting matside one final time at the high school that shaped them their relationship in a way only they can truly understand.

Of course, Nate has been with his son every step along the way before and after high school but one final stop at Perry Massillon is going to feel just a little bit more special with the years of time spent together in the very gym that will kick off his final season.

“I think it’s going to be really special for him,” David said. “We have so many awesome memories. I was just looking back at some pictures and all of the tournaments. It’s nothing but fun there. I remember writing down my goals, to be a National Champ and having them when I was at Perry so to be able to go on and have the career that I’ve had so far has been phenomenal. It only makes sense to start back where it all started at Perry High School and to kick the season off with a great start and I think for him it’s going to be pretty special. A lot of my family is going to be there, he’s obviously going to be there, it’s going to be super special.”

The emotions are going to be higher in this one dual than possibly any other point in Carr’s career. … Outside of a National Championship victory of course.

Leading the team he brought a National Title to the school he brought to memorable run after memorable run at state tournaments is going to have everybody watching, competing and in attendance emotionally reeling. While Carr knows the emotional dump that could accompany such a massive event, he's already thankful for the fans and Coach Dresser for the opportunity because the only effect he’s expecting from the Perry Massillon dual is motivation.

“I think it’ll set a good tone,” Carr said. “I think the beginning of a season there’s a tone to be set because it’s your first time making weight, it’s the first time some of the young guys are in there and for me, I have to be a leader. I have to be able to lead the way and so for me I want to set the tone right and I want to be able to go out there and wrestle hard and also put a show on for the people that are driving far away and the people that are flying in. I want to be able to set the tone well. I think it's going to be a great way to start the season especially with UFC Fight Pass. I’m super excited.”

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