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Michele Martignoni Won't Let Adversity Stop Him | UFC Fight Pass

An Unfortunate Injury To Michele Martignoni Forced Him Out Of Her Cage Warriors 128 Bout, But He Won't Let That Slow Him Down.

Following what appeared to be a steady stream of blood from the eye, commentators were at a loss for words but had no shortage of emotion for Michele Martignoni, who was deemed unfit to continue his flyweight bout with Adam Amarasinghe at Cage Warriors 128.

After dominating almost the first round-and-a-half of the fight, Amarasinghe landed something that fell perfectly in a gray area between a strike and an eye poke that sent Martignoni back against the cage holding his eye.

Rightfully so, the referee stepped between the men, and when Martignoni turned, the sight stunned most of the people watching. Fortunately, Martignoni confirmed that the blood leaking down his face wasn’t from his eyeball as it originally appeared.

“It’s a pretty bad cut on the eyelid,” Martignoni said. “Thank God my eye seems to be ok.”

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As a young, regional fighter in a booming division, a doctor stoppage / no contest end to a fight is one of the last things you could hope for, but Martignoni’s spirits and head are both high after the fight.

“I don’t care too much about this rule,” he said. “I showed that I am better than my opponent. I am ready for the rematch.”

Convinced he would have finished Amarasinghe in the second round had the eye poke not happened, we may one day see a rematch but, if not, it is with much relief to know that Martignoni will, at the very least, be back in the cage in the near future.

The injury may not have been ideal but it’s a heck of a lot better than it appeared to be initially.

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