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The Ultimate Fighter Season 31 Features Conor McGregor And Michael Chandler
The Ultimate Fighter

Meet Lightweight Landon Quinones | The Ultimate Fighter: Team McGregor vs Team Chandler

Get To Know Quinones And The Rest Of The Season 31 Cast On ESPN And ESPN+

Meet Lightweight Landon Quinones | The Ultimate Fighter: Team McGregor vs Chandler Get To Know Quinones And The Rest Of The Season 31 Cast On ESPN+

Landon Quinones is just one of many hopefuls looking to make a name for themselves on the most epic season of The Ultimate Fighter yet. With coaches Conor McGregor and Michael Chandler on opposite sides of the Octagon, the stakes have never been higher. Let’s meet the bantamweights and lightweights that make up the season 31 cast.


Name: Landon Quinones
Pro Record: 7-1-1
Fighting Out Of: Kill Cliff FC in Florida
Age: 27
Quick Stat: Titan FC Lightweight Champion

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What does it feel like to be a part of The Ultimate Fighter season 31?

It means everything to me. I feel like it’s been a long time coming with the story I’ve come up with. I was actually booked for the Contender Series in November 2020, but I actually got COVID about two days before the weigh-in. I passed my COVID test to come out to Vegas, I passed my COVID test to come out for filming process. Then I went to the hotel, they were occupied, it was peak pandemic and I tested positive there, so they sent me home. Then I had a layoff and couldn’t find a fight. Then I finally got booked for the Titan FC title and then I tore my ACL, so it was a long layoff, a long road to be here. This year I was able to win the Titan FC belt and defend my belt and now I'm back here. This means everything to me. It’s a long time coming. I may not have been mature enough back then to take this but now I'm ready. I'm super excited, I'm blessed.

What was your first reaction when you were told that you were going to be on The Ultimate Fighter?

Everything happens for a reason. I think it’s honestly a better path and it’s a more difficult path and that’s what I like. I like that everyone on this show is a very tough fighter, tough contenders, guys that are on the top outside of the UFC and a lot of guys that have already experienced being in the UFC.

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How would you describe your fighting style for someone who hasn’t seen you compete?

Very creative, very dynamic, very explosive, very fast. I'm very slick. I think I have better footwork. I think I'm honestly one of the better strikers out of anybody on the show right now. You’re in for a treat. I bring violence, I try to finish no matter what; whether it’s on the ground or it’s on the feet. I'm not a lay and pray kinda guy, I'm not a guy that’s sitting here trying to play it safe and win on points. I'm always looking for the finish. My philosophy is if you’re always looking for a finish, whether you go to a decision or not, you’re going to get the result you want or you’re going to get that finish.

What was your reaction when you heard Michael Chandler and Conor McGregor were going to be the coaches this season?

You have Conor McGregor as one of the coaches, and he brings the most eyes to the sport out of any fighter to ever live. He’s one of the most prosperous guys, the guy who raised the bar for everybody. I train at Kill Cliff FC, so I'm pretty familiar with Chandler, as well. He’s a very hard-working individual, very tough guy, crazy entertainer. I'm really looking forward to this season; it means everything to me.

What would you learn from Michael Chandler?

Chandler has a very grindy mentality. He’s very tough, he’s a very good athlete. I feel like he’s a lifelong wrestler so there’s a lot of things I can learn in that aspect of the grappling. Certain things, like he’s trained with Henry Hooft for a long time, so there’s a lot of striking things, and a lot of ways to generate power, a lot of shift stepping and things that he’s good at that I could definitely take from. 

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Get To Know Lightweight Landon Quinones | The Ultimate Fighter: Team McGregor vs Team Chandler
Get To Know Lightweight Landon Quinones | The Ultimate Fighter: Team McGregor vs Team Chandler

What would you learn from Conor McGregor?

To be honest, I'm a little more familiar with Chandler. Conor, it would be a huge opportunity. I'm also a southpaw like he is. He’s also a guy that’s very good at mental warfare. I can learn a lot from the precision, a lot of the set-ups, a lot of the fakes, the feints. John Kavanagh, his coach, has good Jiu-Jitsu and good fundamentals and things that I would look forward to learning. There’s definitely a lot of things I could learn from Conor in that sense, especially on the striking aspect.

Who inspired you to start MMA? Any former or current fighters that helped develop your passion?

Nick Diaz was the number one reason I got into fighting because of his story. I’ve had that kind of rough upbringing. I'm not saying I'm any worse than anyone else, but a broken home, not really having any direction or guidance, having a hard time socializing, having a hard time expressing myself. I feel like when I was younger, I tried to express myself a lot through aggression and just explosive reactions. I thought with more emotion and less rationally. I feel like watching his story and watching him make it from where he came from and to get to the point that he got to was something that really made me commit to this sport.

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What do you think is going to be your toughest challenge in making it to the end?

To be honest, the competition is good, and obviously making weight multiple times is definitely difficult, but I think the hardest part is going to be coexisting with people that you’re going to fight. I'm very professional, very about business, but when I got a guy in my head and I got a name, I'm a totally different person. You guys are probably going to see that in the house. I'm not a guy who’s very good at hiding who he is, so you guys are in for a treat.

Why are you going to be the winner of The Ultimate Fighter season 31?

Because I'm driven man and I feel like I’ve been through so much. I had a lot of time to grow up and I’ve had a lot of life lessons. I found God and I feel like through faith and facing adversity through perseverance, through hard work, going through all the things I’ve gone through has led me to this moment. I'm not going to let anybody take it from me. I deserve this and I worked hard for it. I'm skilled, I'm strong, I'm mentally strong, my heart is tough, I have a spirit that can’t be broken and I'm ready to take what’s mine.