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Logan Woods Finally Feels Free

Suffering His First Career Lost Helped Logan Woods Find A Groove That He Believes Will Take Him To The Next Level.

Fresh off his first career loss, Logan Woods is ready to show the fans he’s far from comfortable in the losing column.

Woods earned the nickname of “One Hit” by becoming known for just that. As an amateur he won a fight by decision and a fight by submission but the rest of his 8-0 amateur record came by way of knockout.

The Mississippi and Tennessee regional circuit got pretty familiar with the sentence “The winner by way of knockout, Logan Woods.”

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Woods made the jump to the pro ranks, and in less than 18 months’ time amassed a 3-0 record, all by stoppage, which placed him in one of the top regional promotions, LFA, where he would suffer his first career loss.

“At first I took it hard just because you can’t go back to being an undefeated fighter after an L,” Woods said. “I just had this vision in my head of just being undefeated and untouchable, like I couldn’t do any wrong, and then I got my brain rattled a bit.”

At the time it was the biggest fight in the biggest promotion for Woods, but he’s never been a guy who has had trouble reinventing himself.

Going from heavyweight to middleweight in a span of only a few short years, Woods seems to have a knack for syncing his body and mind when it’s time to step things up.

“I was trash and people were making fun of me on Facebook,” Woods said. “As soon as my ammy fight was done I was approached about going pro. I just turned a switch, I don’t know how it happened, but I just decided that I can’t do this as a pro and be eating McDonalds the night before weigh-ins, just being nasty and undisciplined. I’m going to get my head rattled. After that, it was game on. Ever since I’ve just done everything I’ve needed to do.”

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There’s been a particular push to tighten the screws before his February 11 bout, and as disheartening as it is to lose, especially in an individual sport, Woods explains that losing his undefeated record might have been just freeing enough to usher in a whole new mindset.

As if he needed to be more dangerous.

“I think a lot of people are afraid to take Ls and I was especially afraid to take an L,” Woods said. “You don’t want that as a professional, but I think it helped me so much. I don’t have any nerves; it doesn’t even feel like I’m fighting in a few days.”

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