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Ben Eddy On 10th Planet Affiliation | FPI 6

UFC Fight Pass Invitational 6 Competitor Ben Eddy Talks Affiliation With 10th Planet Jiu Jitsu And Relationship With Founder Eddie Bravo.

Eddie Bravo is one of the most interesting personalities in jiu jitsu. After submitting Royler Gracie in the 2003 ADCC Championships, Bravo started the 10th Planet Jiu Jitsu team.

Bravo’s teaching focuses on the rubber guard and has attracted grapplers and MMA fighters alike. 10th Planet Jiu Jitsu focuses on Bravo’s no-gi system and will be displayed by Ben Eddy in his match with Shane Shapiro at the sixth UFC Fight Pass Invitational.

Eddy represents 10th Planet with pride and will take a Bravo-inspired style to Las Vegas in hopes of adding an FPI victory to the accolades of 10th Planet’s branch in Austin, Texas.

“I definitely feel the pressure for my team. When I lose, I don’t lose for myself, I lose for my team and it’s the same thing when I win,” Eddy explained. “Especially someone like me, who definitely has a 10th Planet style, I’m representing even more for them. I do feel that pressure, for sure.”

Eddy’s style is clinch-based and deemed “untraditional” in the jiu jitsu world. This style is shared by all grapplers under Eddie Bravo and is a staple of 10th Planet’s curriculum, whether or not they’re sharing the mat regularly with Bravo or not.

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“Eddie is our coach but a lot of us are in situations where we have to run our own schedules and don’t have a coach that’s at the gym watching us or telling us what to do,” Eddy said. “I would say I’ve soaked up as much as I can from Eddie [Bravo] and I have his game plan in my head. Bravo is still definitely my coach, and my game plan is molded from what he’s created.”

Before moving to Austin’s branch of 10th Planet, Eddy lived in Oceanside, California, and would consistently train with Bravo in Los Angeles. Since moving to Texas, Eddy’s contact with Bravo has dwindled slightly, but the influence of his style has only grown.

10th Planet Austin is home to several talented grapplers outside of Eddy, adding to the city’s abundance of combat sport gyms and fighters.


“I’m currently in Austin, so I’m at 10th Planet Austin, which is one of the best 10th Planets in the system,” Eddy said. “We have Curtis [Hembroff] and Gabe [Tuttle] out here and I learn from those guys; we also have a really deep room with a lot of people and a lot of cross training.”

Eddy will have 10th Planet in his corner when he steps onto the mat in Las Vegas and will be making his FPI debut against an experienced Shane Shapiro.

The UFC Fight Pass Invitational 6 is LIVE on FIGHT PASS on March 3rd!